New Dresden Files Gamepage

Welcome to my experiment. To help me become a better story teller, I have decided to use this site. It is a tool that I think we will all like to use. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them here

This tool will help us all keep track of characters, loot, money, location and where we are in the storyline. I am trying out the free version, and if we all like it, I will get the upgrade, which will allow unlimited campaigns.

As part of this experiment, I am learning Textile. So far it’s pretty easy. The site builders recommend it over HTML.

I will also be attempting to build a wiki for our campaign. The tools provided here will help me keep track of what has already happened and what should take place when someone doesn’t pay attention to the blood. I will add places that will be seen in game as well as character info and special house rules. I can build future chapters of the campaigns and use interactive maps. So if any of you know of a good mapping software let me know.

Dresden Files

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