It has the form of a cavalry sabre.

Esperacchius, or the Sword of Hope, is one of the three Holy Swords made from the nails of Christ’s cricifixion. It looks like a cavalry saber, and has the Egyptian heiroglyph for the sun on the pommel.

It was revealed that Esperacchius is the legendary Frankish sword, Durendal.

Like the other two swords, its powers become vulnerable when the wielder succumbs to the opposite principles the sword holds. In this case, the wielder giving in to despair will make the sword vulnerable.

While it has been reworked since it’s creation, it has been confirmed by the spirit of Sir Stuart that Esperacchius is also known as Durendal. Durendal once belonged to Roland, the chief paladin of Charlemagne and a symbol of hope for France against the Spanish Saracens.


The first wielder was Roland the Frank.

Before Sanya, it was wielded by a man known as “the Egyptian”, he was killed by Nicodemus.

Afterwards it was wielded by Sanya, who was given the sword by the archangel Michael after giving up his Denarian coin.


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